Friday, April 29, 2011


I couldn't resist stealing the 1,000th post.  The fact that I've done so little to contribute to the post count makes it that much more rewarding.

My brother is a blogging machine.  And a cowboy, apparently.


  1. Obligatory:

  2. You know, I had my eye on that thousandth post but wasn't sure what to do to rise to the occasion. This works :)

    Two things:

    1. I'm not sure this is really the thousandth post. I think there are a few drafts I never published, and I think those may be counted... not entirely sure.

    2. That's a Halloween costume from several years back. It was essentially plastic pants that had horse legs. Kate had a flamingo one. What was awesome was that there was a little fan attached to keep it inflated. It was very hard to sit down, though. The hat is not just a costume - it's a nice beaver felt hat.

  3. Did you say Beavers?

  4. WSJ sez Keynesian experiment has failed:


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