Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I passed my theory comp!!

Not a historic achievement or anything, but I'm breathing easier now.

One comment was that my grasp of the theory and set up and steps of the problems was great but the math was "patchy" on some problems.

Here's an idea: instead of a five hour long test, give us a lunch buffet and a foot massage halfway through. Not going to happen, I know, but I guarantee it would improve my math. These are the lessons you learn taking these things... I brought in a big cup of coffee and a small snack. That works for two hour tests, but not five hour tests. I'm going to pack differently for my next comp.


  1. How many theory composition exams do you have to deal with, Daniel?

    1. One more advanced theory (which I'll be taking in macro theory), and one in my field (which will be labor).

  2. Exactly... a big cup of coffee should be accompanied by a catheter for any five hour test.

  3. So many congratulations -- I knew you would do it!


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