Wednesday, July 14, 2010

F&OST Recognized by Econ Journal Watch!

Great news! The blog has been recognized by Econ Journal Watch as one of 11 notable critics of the Buturovic and Klein article on liberals and economic enlightenment, along with such prominent bloggers as Bruce Bartlett, Jonathan Chait, and Nate Silver!

An interesting point is that I was actually the first critic they identified to respond (they reference the date of the critique - mine was May 9th). So good for F&OST for, although not "breaking the story", at least riding on the crest of the wave of responses. I chalk it up to the respect that I have for, and the closeness with which I follow, libertarian/Austrian circles that first reported the study (albeit with somewhat greater approval). I really do see value in the views of these circles, and I hope that that is always communicated, even in my critiques. I follow them because I think (for the most part) they are worth following.

They've invited all eleven of us to submit a 200-1,000 word critique of the paper to EJW to be published in the September 2010 issue.

Time to get writing!


  1. And F&OST is an actual acronym; you can say "FOST." So you aren't just an initialism!

  2. Hey, congratulations. I've always been impressed by your attention span when it comes to Austo-libertarian circles (even when you strawman libertarianism haha). Good luck in your writing.

  3. that's awesome...give 'em hell for a lousy paper

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