Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Review of Industial Organization article is up!

It's not assigned to an issue yet, but a paper I co-authored titled Explaining Variation in Title Charges: A Study of Five Metropolitan Residential Real Estate Markets is available here.

It's an interesting situation - you'll notice I have two affiliations (American University and Urban Institute). This work started several years ago as a project for the Department of Housing and Urban Development when I was at the Urban Institute. Since then I left for AU and now have put the finishing touches on it back at the Urban Institute after being gone for three years.

The lead author, Bob Feinberg, is a great guy that's on my dissertation committee. I can't speak highly enough of two other co-authors, Signe-Mary and Doug, both at Urban. I've learned at least as much econometrics from Doug Wissoker as I have from any of my econometrics professors (and that's a compliment to Doug, not a knock on my econometrics professors who have really all been excellent). Sisi was at the Urban Institute, and is now teaching in China.

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