Sunday, September 14, 2014

Documents on Koch intentions on FSU econ department hiring


Note, this is an internal memo about the Kochs' expectations. Because of the outrage this caused (even in the absence of these documents) the advisory group was eventually restricted in how much they could impact these decisions.

This is really not good for anyone that cares about economics as an objective science and people who receive Koch money (which is not inherently bad at all of course), should be saying that.


  1. Wow. How common is this sort of thing in academia? I wish I could write the cost / benefit analysis for a deal in which I'd negotiated myself six figures over three years.

  2. veblen, russell, univ il 1940s, A Novikoff 50s...just off the top of my head, this thing happens all the time, it is just under reported


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