Monday, August 12, 2013

Quote of the day

From Ryan Murphy:
"Partisanship is just so damn boring. Cheerleading for Krugman (or against) is a half step away from cheerleading for John Cena. And like with cheerleading for John Cena, it’s far more interesting to conduct bizarre meta analyses of it than to actually partake in it."
And here's the other thing about this kind of partisanship: it's stupid when there's a lot of good content because you could be talking about the content. But when there's not content why would you waste any of your time being especially partisan.

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  1. Krugman is the most explicitly partisan popular economist out there. Obviously it contributes to his popularity. I'm fine with partisanship - hey, why not?

    It's just that he pretends not to be. He sanctimoniously congratulates himself for his detachment and rationality. He regularly derides those who disagree with him as either stupid or insane. There is simply NO possibility of honest disagreement for Krugman - you either agree with him, the avatar of Reality Itself, or you are an abomination. At times he seems genuinely baffled, even hurt, that his views are mistakenly considered to be ideological or partial.


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