Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'd like to see Kim Kardashian blog about the difference between Old and New Keynesian IS curves

Nice post.

And how cool is it that this is on the New York Times website? This is what good econ blogging it - presenting these ideas that would otherwise just be tossed around among economists and presenting it to a more general audience. Much better than the navel-gazing you often get.


  1. What kind of a dirty trick is this?! I thought the link was going to be Kim Kardashian talking about her curves.

  2. Why didn't you link to Lars Christensen's post when he compared Paul Krugman to Kim Kardashian, Daniel Kuehn? As amusing as it was, I disagreed with it completely. XD

  3. It's amusing that these economists throw a massive hissy fit when Krugman declares - shock horror - that Milton Friedman isn't much listened to by contemporary Republican politicians, who are batshit crazy. He also followed up by clarifying that he wasn't denigrating Friedman's achievements in academia.

    Bear in mind that this is the same school of thought where one of their major economists said that people "whisper and giggle" about Keynesianism. As someone on my twitter feed said, bullies are always the first to play victim.

    1. Ya, Krugman Derangement Syndrome seems to be rampant lately.


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