Monday, May 6, 2013

Terminator Baby

Does it make me a bad father that when this sonogram came up at the doctor's this morning my first thought was "Oh my God - my daughter is a Terminator!". No, I think it means that I am prepared for the robot apocalypse, which may ultimately make me a better father...

...that's what I tell myself.


  1. More importantly, this probably means that your daughter will be an Austrian! What have you done?!

  2. "Does it make me a bad first thought was "Oh my God - my daughter is a Terminator!"

    No, what makes you a bad father (and human being) is choosing to express this thought by placing the sonogram next to a picture of Arnold from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines! Over 1984 Arnold or Judgment Day! Really?!?!


    1. Being the careful, attentive father that I am I went through many Terminator pictures and settled on this one purely because it was the best match up to the sonogram :)

  3. No offence Daniel, but what if in the future (within the time period of...five to twenty years), your daughter reads this post?

    I don't think you're going to be a bad father, but I do think that this post might not make her happy due to the somewhat macabre comparison you thought of.

    1. Oh I will be showing my daughter this picture - there is no doubt about that.

      We Kuehn fathers (and uncles and grandfathers) do not go lightly on the teasing.

      And if I raise her right, her response will be "that's so cool!!!"


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