Friday, May 10, 2013

Dissertation Plan - let me know any thoughts you've got

I've drafted a dissertation plan on my more-buttoned-down-and-professional-than-this-absurd-blog website here. I'm curious about any thoughts you may have. I'm taking the doctoral dissertation seminar in the fall which is the first step towards pulling all this together and the proposal defense so I thought I'd write all this up rather than just carrying it around in my brain.

I'm taking the "Three Essays on X" approach that is pretty common in economics. I could do one long one but this enables me to work on a couple different things, and it's naturally set up to get some publications out. My current title is Three Essays on the Economics of Skilled Labor. The first two essays have been gestating for a while (I've done some work along the lines of the first essay already for a class). The third essay is a macroeconomic one, which I had always planned on doing, but the specifics came together more this semester (for that reason it might also be more likely to change).

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  1. Have any of my remarks on my intellectual interests (particularly regarding uncertainty) in my time on this blog had any impact on your dissertation proposal, Daniel Kuehn?

    I'm wondering if you will delve at least briefly into the decision theory literature on ambiguity/uncertainty in Essay 2.

    I think that the following articles might be of some interest, as they deal with ambiguity aversion and labour economics to a certain extent.


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