Monday, January 28, 2013

Who taught me Smith

This is probably of interest. Three people, mainly - two directly. My history of thought professor at William and Mary, my history of thought professor at American University, and of course Paul Krugman who was the writer that really turned me on to economics about a decade ago at this point.

Both of my history of thought professors didn't just teach Smith. They taught me that Smith was one of the indispensible economists, not just a dusty book on the shelf. They both loved him, particularly my American University professor.

Both also happen to be quite a bit to the left of me!

And of course, you all know Paul.


  1. And I'm sure Dr. Michael Emmett Brady would agree on the indispensability of Adam Smith...

  2. Daniel: I am an AU PhD. I did my coursework in the late 70's and had John Willoughby for HET. Jon Wisman, who usually taught it, was on leave. Is either still there? Does Jon teach HET?

    Anyway, now I teach HET (not at AU of course) and I am as enamored of Smith as your teachers seem to have been. We read generous portions of BOTH of Smith's masterpieces. My students will tell you that I am inordinately fond of the earlier of the two!


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