Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Urban Institute heavy-hitters on the budget

This new paper from Gene Steuerle, Benjamin Harris, and Caleb Quakenbush reminded me that I forgot to post the video of the fiscal cliff event at the Urban Institute I attended a couple weeks ago.

If you want to know where I stand, I found very little to disagree with in what Robert Reischauer said (not a new phenomenon for me). Marron and Penner were of course great too, though. They were all mostly focused on long-term sustainability, but you'll notice that the short term impact of this tightening played a big role in how he evaluated the ultimate agreements made at the beginning of this month.

This is not really old news even though that fight is past - as they highlight in the talk, the agreement laid out earlier is going to keep reemerging over the next several months.

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