Friday, May 16, 2014

New job

I just wanted to note on here that in June I'll be returning to the Urban Institute, this time in their Income and Benefits Policy Center. I am very excited to be returning. It's difficult to overstate the challenge of balancing relevance, rigor, and objectivity when it comes to economic research and I simply don't know anywhere that does it better than Urban.

My initial assignments are going to reflect that - I'm working on a couple different training evaluations, one to review and ensure that rigorous evaluation methods are being used, and another to actually implement those methods in cooperation with one of the best in the field, Burt Barnow (GWU and Urban Institute). I should get a lot of good evaluation work and research on post-secondary education and workforce development under the supervision of the estimable Lauren Eyster.

Long run/big picture I also can't think of a better place than Urban to start building my own research agenda around the STEM workforce, mid-level skills, apprenticeship and other sorts of on-the-job training, school to work transitions, and occupational sorting. I'll be working there part-time while I finish my dissertation, and then full-time after it is done.

Blogging will continue to be infrequent - I've just got a lot of other stuff to focus on right now. But I'll post interesting things as they come up and as I have time. Of course I post only my own views here, not the views of the Urban Institute or anyone else for that matter.

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