Friday, March 7, 2014

My upcoming activities

Most of these are closed to the public, but you may still be interested.

The first is open to the public (with registration of course) and some of you may be going. This Sunday at 8 am I'll be chairing and presenting on a panel at the Eastern Economic Association. The subject is generalized maximum entropy methods. Everyone on the panel is presenting work from a seminar last semester at AU on information theoretic econometrics. So if you are at the Easterns please come by!

Then on Thursday I'll be participating in a workshop at Georgetown University on high skill immigration and temporary visas. This one is not open, although I think they may release some documents on the Institute for the Study of International Migration's website afterwards. Also next week we are having an advisory board meeting for our Sloan Foundation project... which will (hopefully) largely be picking the brains of some smart people about how we can improve out analytic approach to that work.

Then the following week on Thursday I'll be presenting at a National Academy of Engineering workshop on the engineering technologist and technician workforce. This is the first of two workshops on the subject. Hopefully I'll be able to post the two papers I've been commissioned to write for them, although it may stay internal (my analyses are basically going to be the backbone of an NAE volume on the subject... but I gather they may rearrange some of it an add contributions from workshop attendees - so I don't know if my original report will be available for release by me or the NAE or not).

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  1. Did you attend the other sessions of the Eastern Economic Conference apart from the day your panel was held, Daniel Kuehn? I hope you had a productive time there!


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