Friday, February 7, 2014

I spend way too much energy criticizing libertarianism on this blog, so I'm taking a different approach with this new Max Borders piece...

1. It is an excellent example of what libertarians think liberalism consists of.
2. It is an excellent example of what libertarians are under the impression liberals don't like about libertarianism.

Evidence for these two propositions is all the libertarians that are drooling over it.


  1. This piece?:

    The point when it becomes farce is when he says "Libertarianism is inevitable". Historical necessity. It smacks of Marxism.

  2. I never would have even seen the piece had Lord Keynes not linked to it.

    I guess that makes me anecdotal counter-evidence.

    I skimmed it and it just seemed like an advertisement for a SFL campus meet-up or something. Which is to say, I found it to be neither your 1 nor your 2, but also not particularly interesting or worthy of comment.

    Which basically makes this comment itself completely irrelevant.

  3. I wasn't blown away by it but I do think the first two points (the parts in bold) are interesting and largely true, though I'm not 100% behind the analysis.

  4. Mmkay, moving on.

  5. I doubt your logic Daniel. Libertarian high fives follow ANY comparison of the sort we're better we're gonna win. The accuracy or not of the depiction of liberals or conservatives plays little part.

  6. Oh, and I don't agree you spend too much time or energy on it. We're nowhere near a glut.

    1. "We're nowhere near a glut."

      Perhaps not but we are probably past the point of diminishing returns.


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