Saturday, November 2, 2013

Professional whereabouts/updates

Interesting stuff going on.

First, both my Review of Black Political Economy article with Marla McDaniel and my Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization article with Signe-Mary McKernan and Caroline Ratcliffe are out as of this week. They've been online for a little while, but it's always nice to see the issue come out.

Second, I'll be at two conferences this week. I'll be presenting my job creation tax credit work at the Society for Government Economists meeting on Wednesday. The plan is to revamp this paper in the spring to get it in its final form as a dissertation chapter. Then on Friday I'll be chairing and presenting on a high skill immigration panel at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management conference. The first conference is relatively small, but the latter is the major public policy scholarly association. I'll be talking about the F-1, the OPT, and the issues around connections between school and work for foreign students with particular reference to the H-1B.

Finally, an interesting development is that I've picked up some contract work from the National Academy of Engineering looking at the engineering technicians and technologists labor market. Most of the work will be in the spring - should be interesting.

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