Monday, October 14, 2013

I was wrong. I admit it now. Say's Law is correct.


  1. Get a razor you hippy. ;)

    So how are you digging fatherhood? To be honest, that prospect scares the hell out of me (not you being a dad-- though that's kinda scary-- but me being a dad). It probably scares a lot of other people, too (not them being a dad, but me being a dad).

  2. Looks like Demand is definitely growing! Skip the razor or they will look at you funny at the bluegrass concerts.

  3. Don't you mean that Say's Law is correct under special circumstances, Daniel Kuehn?

    And I presume those circumstances would be:

    1.) A nation's economy operating at full employment.

    2.) A couple (like your wife and yourself) having children.



    1. Blue Aurora, it sure seems to me that building the supply of iPads found it's own demand in the depth of the recession.


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