Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two new immigration pubs

It was very nice to see the new issue of Regulation magazine out today, because I have an article in there on high skill immigration (nothing you haven't heard from me before).

I also haven't mentioned on the blog yet that I had a featured article at EconLib this month on immigration - both high skill immigration and why people shouldn't be bothered so much by undocumented immigration.

It's a good thing Regulation came out because I found out the other article was rejected this morning (again, with great comments to move forward on). This is just how it works I guess. I've had pretty good success but that's a sign I wasn't pushing hard enough. The first rejection I knew was a reach. The second one I thought was a lot safer, but no matter. Time to clean them up and try again.


  1. Congratulations on getting published in Regulation, Daniel Kuehn!

  2. I was expecting a post on new microbreweries for immigrants.

  3. The EconLib article was good. I read somewhere that petroleum tech students increased dramatically in a couple years as a result of increased wages. I find it particularly troubling that some people have to actually worry about getting caught working.


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