Friday, July 26, 2013

Heterodox graduate student conference/seminar

There's a call for papers out for a U Mass Amherst/New School grad student conference on November 8-9. I can't seem to google the damn thing but if you are interested email me and I'll send you the pdf call for papers.

Looking at past schedules it's not strictly heterodox macro Post Keynesian/Marxian stuff - there's other stuff that you'd imagine that sort of department would be interested in too (for example, here's the 2009 schedule).

I'm too swamped with various projects and that weekend is the APPAM conference anyway where I'm chairing and presenting on an immigration panel, but I thought some readers might be interested.

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  1. Out of curiosity, Daniel Kuehn...

    Have you heard of or met a Yun Kyu Kim? He did his doctoral dissertation at American University, and he is a lecturer at Trinity College, in Hartford, Connecticut. I think I mentioned you to him before, but he is on the 2009 heterodox economics conference programme managed by UMass-Amherst and the New School.


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