Thursday, May 19, 2011

A request

So I'm writing our chapter for the NBER volume on the engineering labor market, and one of the things I'm discussing is the transition from technical to managerial work for engineers, and occupational choice questions. I'm using the basic insights of the Roy (1950) self-selection model to talk about the factors influencing occupational choice and to make sense of some of the data. I'm trying to keep the points relatively straightforward. Not all the chapter authors are economists (my coauthor is not an economist) - some are engineers, public policy people, management people, etc. - so I want to present the Roy model in a fairly intuitive way but that's still helpful for thinking about occupational choices made by engineers.

I haven't really worked with Roy models for several years, and I'm wondering if any readers are more familiar with them than I am, and would be willing to read about a page and a half in a day or two and give me advice on whether I'm communicating the points of the model in a reasonable way. You can email me at Thanks in advance.

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