Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here's a classic:

This Halloween should be fun - we moved this summer and are in an apartment complex with lots more kids than in the last one - so we should have trick-or-treaters. I plan on watching Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, which I've always loved for the atmosphere.

- My supervisor from GWU shares this link explaining taxes to children using Halloween. Pretty funny - even covers lock-box myths and Social Security taxes.

- This also reminds me of another sign I saw at the rally: "Burn Witches, not Korans"

- David Henderson reflects on the over-sensitivity to safety and Halloween. Of course I agree with him on this, but I have to say - part of the fun of Halloween was flaunting parental safety measures - staying out later than we were supposed to, wandering much farther than we were supposed to. Not that that's a reason for being absurd about the night's festivities, but from a kid's perspective the "rules were meant to be broken" attitude enhanced things.

- Here are some old links of mine: Poe on economics and Lovecraft on the nature of human fear.

And speaking of Poe, here's one of my favorite renditions of The Raven (by Christopher Walken):

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