Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chicago Mayor Open Thread

Any thoughts on the candidates?  We're trying to decide who to vote for next week.  We like Miguel Del Valle a lot, and I actually came away from an NPR interview with Carol Moseley Braun pretty impressed, despite a lot of hubbub about her temper and a few infamous soundbytes (and I think she addressed these matters pretty well in the interview).  Gery Chico is endorsed by both the Tea Party and a lot of the unions around here... maybe this would be something that's more interesting to readers of F&OST.  Chico also has the benefit of being most likely to force Emanuel into a run-off.

If I had to vote today I'd probably vote for Miguel Del Valle as mayor, but I haven't really been in the city long enough or followed the candidates long enough to have a strongly formed opinion yet.

Do Chicagoans in particular have any thoughts about all this?  Other than a lot of inane attention given to Rahm Emanuel, I haven't really heard much talk from folks about the upcoming election.

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