Friday, March 26, 2010

Thoughts on Red Toryism in an American context

I've been delinquent on posting, although I have a few fragments of posts that I'll hopefully get out before too long.  I'm also leaving for a conference in a few hours, so I thought that I'd recommend a good assessment of the British "Red Tory" movement as it makes its way to American shores.  Davey Henreckson is a graduate student at Notre Dame, and his blog Theopolitical is a superb example of current work being done in theology and political thought.  He has just offered some reflections and "a Calvinist counter-proposal" to Phillip Blond and others who have spearheaded the development of a new British conservatism.  My thoughts are about with Davey's on all this, although he is much better equipped than I am to say something about it.  I think his point about this being a good sign for American conservatism is especially important... in an age of unreflective reactionism, it would do us good to think through the possibility of conservative politics more thoroughly.  Davey is also right to point out that the American tradition of political liberalism has something to contribute in return.  Enjoy the read:

Red Toryism: A Calvinist counterproposal.

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